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Leah Gamble has a Diploma for Clinical Hypnotherapy at The Kent College of Hypnotherapy, accredited by The Hypnotherapy Association. The Diploma includes skills in associated therapies such as NLP, Life Coaching, and EFT etc. in order for your therapy to be flexible and catered specifically to you for the most effective healing. She will be able to work with people to clear a vast array of issues ranging from Anxiety and Stress to Weight loss and many things in between.

Leah has also completed a Diploma course in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which allows her to offer an alternative type of healing alongside or in replacement of hypnotherapy, depending on what the client would prefer and what is recommended.

Leah is working towards her Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy which has so far given her advanced qualifications in various therapies from EMDR for issues such as PTSD, relationship therapy and soon to be Hypno-birthing. She has also completed Advanced training for the Virtual Gastric Band.

Leah's ultimate goal is to be able to help as many people as she can work towards peace of mind for a happier life. She would like to help people more specifically deal with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety and couples with relationship issues.

About Us

"Life in today's world is busy, complex and chaotic and we often find ourselves rushing and scraping through. We have limited skills on how to be able to cope and deal with the things thrown in our path along the way. It's extremely common nowadays for people to altogether give up from life's challenges - when often these are the things that we desire to work the most. I want for people to have the skills to work through their challenges and learn how to be happy. I want them to work through the tough times that they have struggling with who they are, in their relationships, in parenting, the hardships and depressions - and come out of it with a way to look forward. I want to help you to find your biggest, boldest smile and teach you how to wear it again."

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