What does Hypnosis feel like?

Whilst hypnosis is different for everyone, we can safely say that to a majority it is a blissful experience of deep relaxation. It is a rare opportunity take out of our busy lives to close your eyes and relax from head to toe whilst receiving some therapy which will have been agreed prior.

Will I remember what happens under hypnosis?

There are different levels to which someone can go in to trance. It is less likely to come across people that go so deeply into trance that they cannot remember what happens.

Will you make me do silly things?

Clinical Hypnosis is completely different to stage hypnosis and is not carried out for entertainment purposes. Any suggestions made during hypnosis will have been discussed and agreed prior. Ultimately, I cannot make you do anything that you do no want to do. You have full control.

If I have hypnosis for weight loss, will I be unhappy that I eat less of the foods I enjoy?

For some its difficult to get their head around the idea that they will stop eating without feeling frustration. Due to you feeling full, you will feel satisfied and so leaving food will be easier and more of a positive thing to do.

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