You Mrs are awesome, can't believe I am going to say this but I can't stand chocolate! Even saying the word chocolate makes me turn my nose up! I was so ready to give up chocolate, and the hypnotherapy that you did on me, absolutely nailed it!! So well done! Honest to God, I do not like chocolate any more. I now have an involuntary nose turn up when I think of it. My friend brought round a box of them and I really cannot even look at them without pulling a face. I promise you! And more importantly I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I know I don't like chocolate anymore, all I can think of is that yukky mess of brown sauce and mint sauce, gross! I must say it took a lot of getting used to, I kept going for some and as soon as I got near it I realised I didn't like it any more. I am now in the process of finding different nibbles. Neither my husband, nor my kids believed it, but it's absolutely true!! Thank you so so much xxx

Kirsty from Folkestone (Direct Message)

Leah is great. So welcoming and we had a great hypnotherapy session. I felt the benefits straight away!

Sara Kennaugh

Leah is fantastic - she's professional and friendly and makes you feel completely at ease. After a bit of a rough time I reached out to her and she was so accommodating and flexible with seeing me. She listens to you and provides such a personal session to really help whatever issue you are facing. I couldn't recommend enough!

Charlotte Illingworth-Sloan